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Minimum System Requirements

CyberQuest is a virtual appliance but can be installed as a physical appliance also.

In order to install CyberQuest 2.15 physical or virtual machines must be provided. CyberQuest 2.15 resides on a Linux Debian 9 instance.

For all CyberQuest residing virtual machines resources must be reserved (CPU cores and RAM).

For CyberQuest best performance 6th gen Intel CPU’s or equivalent must be provided.

Minimum recommended resources, as per the standard versions (no add-ons installed and for CyberQuest 2.15 Ultimate – 8 CPU cores license) are:

Version of CyberQuest 2.15 Minimum RAM recommended Minimum Storage Recommended - GB (for data only) Obs.
Logger 8* 100**
Light 8* 200**
Advanced 16* 500**
Enterprise 32* 1000**
Ultimate 32* 1000**


*This is the minimum recommended RAM to be granted to virtual machines hosting CyberQuest instances. As the solutions may scale, higher RAM capacity must be allocated. For such situations, a certified CyberQuest technician must be consulted.

**This is the minimum recommended storage capacity – for data only. The retention period (data availability for hot searches and archive) is directly proportional with the storage capacity. For situations where online and offline data must cover longer periods, a certified CyberQuest technician must be consulted in order to provide requirements for storage capacity.