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Data Server

Service parameters which are found in service configuration files

parameter type default value description
compressData boolean true Message compression flag
encryptData boolean true Message encryption flag
throttleCollection string "100000" Number of events stored in the message queue at which it will stop sending events. All events will be cached locally
mqHost string "" Address of the queuing services
mqPort string "5672" Port of the queuing services
mqUserName string "cq" Username of the queuing services
mqPassword string "*" Encrypted password of the queuing services
mqUseSSL boolean false Whether use tls queue services
tenant string "" Tenant name
useHTTPSTransport boolean false Whether use https transport instead of message queue service
HttpTransportUrl string "" Https transport url
CLIENT_ACCESS_TOKEN string "DEFAULT_CLIENT-ACCESS-TOKEN" Https transport access token
UDPSyslogPort string "5140" UDP syslog server port with process of data
UnprocessedUDPSyslogPort string "5141" UDP syslog server port without process of data
TCPSyslogPortEn boolean true TCP syslog server enable flag
TCPSyslogPort string "32004" TCP syslog server port with process of data
UDPNetflowPort string "2055" UDP netflow capture server port
UDPCEFPort string "5142" UDP CEF format server port
UDPIntrustPort string "5143" UDP intrust format server port
UDPListenIP string "" IPv4 Address For UDP servers to listen
CacheMinimumFreeSpace string "2048" Minimum space available on disk to write data, in case of throttling
MaximumContainerValue string "500000" Maximum data stored in container, if flodded udp port data will be discarded and alert will be given
debugLevel string "0" The debug level as
1-WARNING messages
2-INFO messages
3-DEBUG messages
UDPSyslogPortEn boolean false UDP syslog server port with process of data enable
UnprocessedUDPSyslogPortEn boolean false
UDPNetflowPortEn boolean false UDP netflow capture server enable
UDPCEFPortEn boolean false UDP CEF format server enable
UDPIntrustPortEn boolean false UDP intrust format server enable