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Windows Agent

parameter type default value description
eventSyncQueueSize integer 10000 Number of events sent every 5 seconds
compressData boolean true Compress event data or not
encryptData boolean true Encrypt event data or not
cleanupOlderLogsDays integer 7 Automatic cleanup on agent logs
throttleCollection integer 10000 Threshold at with it will gradually start to collect less events (this value is given by how many messages are waiting in the CyberQuest processing server queue)
mqHost string CyberQuest server host
mqUserName string cq CyberQuest server username
mqPassword string VRW7Zl7RreWg9Q== Hash of the CyberQuest server password
HttpTransportUrl string Used for cloud deployments and url for sending data to the CyberQuest server cloud
CLIENT_ACCESS_TOKEN string Authentication token for the CyberQuest server cloud
mqUseSSL boolean false Use encrypting on the whole connection to the CyberQuest server or not