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Release notes

About this release

CYBERQUEST is designed as a high-performance data security analytics platform with contextual industry-specific dashboards: all in one place, in real time.

New Features

New features in CYBERQUEST 2.20:

  • Integration with OpenVAS gives you the ability to manage and run Vulnerability Assessment right within the CYBERQUEST console.
  • Integration for ticketing and alerts with Jira, Slack and MS Teams.
  • Built in DTS (parser) for the most common data sources.
  • Built in Agent Deployment (Windows) and data source configuration with specific settings.
  • Scripted response actions for alerts.
  • Addition of many more threat intelligence providers.
  • Docker / Kubernetes support including Helm charts.
  • VMware and Hyper-V deployments.
  • Nearly 100 pre-built correlation rules.
  • Downloading of dashboard reports.
  • And a new more user friendly GUI.


The following list of enhancements is implemented in CYBERQUEST 2.20:


  • OPEN VAS integration

  • Data source management

  • Dashboards on alerts

  • Automated response actions for alerts

  • Auto-parsing for all built-in sources (everything coming on syslog, on DataServer)

  • Nearly 100 pre-built correlation rules

  • Downloading of dashboard reports


  • Elasticsearch 7

  • Bootstrap 4

  • Debian 10 Buster

  • Network Agent disappears, merged in DataServer

  • Event Dictionary

About Nextgen Software

Vision and proactivity for high-performance informational systems.

Nextgen Software is a cybersecurity development specialist. Our award-winning software, CYBERQUEST– Big data security analytics platform, is the proud achievement of people with more than 15 years of extensive know-how and industry experience in the design, development and implementation of cybersecurity solutions.

In the current information environment, dynamic and risk-prone, Nextgen Software has implemented numerous administration systems, protection and management for disaster scenarios for information infrastructures. Also, Nextgen Software provides archiving solutions, replication and recovery for databases. Organizations currently rely on strong informational infrastructures for the production, human resources management, customer relations, access to information and security. Because there is a direct dependency between the IT infrastructure and the organization's needs, the first has to scale up and so the need for assuring maximum performance and high availability has risen.

When it comes to data security and current security standards, Nextgen Software implements top of the line solutions for security and event-log management, with over 20 such solutions in place in Romania, covering over 2000 servers and 10000 users.