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CYBERQUEST is a Data Security Analytics solution and is delivered as a physical or virtual appliance (integrated software solution - operating system package) on the Linux Debian platform.

Main features:

  • It can collect audit events from any environment / any format: Syslog, Windows, from files (.csv, .txt, .log etc.), from database tables, metadata (NetFlow, sFlow) etc.
  • Contains default built-in connectors for most common data sources (MS Windows and Unix-like operating systems, network equipment, databases, etc.).
  • Allows the creation of dedicated connectors for specific data sources
  • Inserts all data streams or only specific collected data streams into the correlation engine
  • Allows the creation of dashboards and reports
  • Logging into the application can be done using the Active Directory account and as an additional measure, 2FA authentication can be added
  • Provides a proprietary DTS (Data Transformation Services) module through which it performs additional transformations on data extracted from collected events
  • Allows the creation of real-time alerts and their customization according to the beneficiary's requirements