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All feeds coming from these providers go into lists that CQ automatically monitors and compares the data coming from the infrastructure with these lists.


Nucleon’s cyber threat intelligence feeds allow organizations of any size to proactively consume trusted actionable cyber intelligence in order to block or handle future attacks. Even organizations without threat intelligence are able to utilize information gathered by others in order to better protect their own network.

The explosion of data as the internet grows makes it challenging to collect intelligence about cyber threats for specific targets.

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DEKENEAS is a unique product, being the only publicly available tool able to identify with great accuracy both known and unknown browser exploits ("0day") and attacks by the means of artificial intelligence algorithms, instead of traditional signature scanning. Artificial intelligence algorithms understand the code of the website before actually executing it, and tries to understand if the code constructs encountered are malware specific or they are benign. It tries to figure out if there are special conditions for certain code to run, such as specific User-Agent strings, language settings or IP addresses.

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CQ ThreatIntelligence

CYBERQUEST delivers threat intelligence functionality by putting in context information from security feeds with information collected from the IT infrastructure in scope.

Thus, with the help of CYBERQUEST's powerful correlation engine, the collected data is checked in real time against a database composed with threat vectors received from high value security providers.

CQ TheartIntelligence feeds include curated threat information from multiple sources including our own deployed sensors.

The information provided threat information regarding:

  • Malicious IPs
  • Malicious domains
  • Malicious URLs

For accessing this feed, customers need a separate subscription for threat information.

To see how to connect to CQ Threat Intelligence, please follow the link: CQ Threat Intelligence