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Batch Fields Checker

Batch Fields Checker option opens Batch Fields Checker window allowing you to upload a text file and execute batch checking. Result can be exported in CSV format.

Can be accessed from Web Interface by navigating to Settings >Tools > Batch Fields Checker:

1) You need a file in txt format with information which you want to search. For example a list of IPs:

2) The next step, you have to upload the txt format file, by selecting Choose File and press UPLOAD button.

3) After you uploaded the txt file, you have to select from the list the Fields that you want to look on (for example: each IP is compared with each chosen field):

  1. Check Batch Size - through as many lines in the file as you want to search.

  2. In Check Days back field - how many results there have been in the days that you selected.

After that, you have to press button, to start the process:

Current Position - how many lines of the file he's gone through;

Current File - where it is saved in the web application on the server;

DOWNLOAD CSV - you can download the file in CSV format;

After you press Start Process, you will see the results by Value, Items and Actions:

You can send to Browser, Dashboards, to Alerts and you have to search by days that you selected in Check days back to see the results of this action.


To access Licensing module, go to Settings > Tools > About. About CYBERQUEST window opens containing information about your accessed instance.

Available information in the About CYBERQUEST window is:

  • Hardware ID - Unique hardware ID of CYBERQUEST machine and for which permanent license is issued
  • License days left - information about the number of days for license availability
  • License type - notifying if your product is licensed, under grace period or not licensed
  • Edition - platform edition for which the license was registered

The window also contains version and build date for each component module.

A new license key can be pasted into License Key field and applied by pressing Add License Key button. An added license can either replace the current license, or provide additional functionalities like with add-on licenses.

The Clear license cache button forces the update of the license details in the web interface.

Click to display detailed information about your license.