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Contacting Support

Requests, questions, or any inquiry can be submitted on the Nextgen Software Support Portal:

Maintenance services and support

Nextgen Software offers maintenance and supports packets, designed to meet your business needs and help you maximize your software investment. With all support offering levels, you will have access to trained software support engineers.

Nextgen Software provides support in both English and Romanian languages.

Nextgen Software portal will provide access to the following components

Support program components Standard Critical Premier
Service request logging - web, telephone and e-mail
Service request management
New releases
Maintenance updates
Service packs or patches
Product documentation
Product downloads and documentation
Product information
Product notifications
Knowledge Base
Multi-media knowledge base
Support profile
Business critical hours (24x7) •* •*
Designated Support Account Manager (SAM)
Onsite visits •**
Priority response time and service request routing
Proactive support and incident prioritization
Customized reporting
Personalized product communications
Annual discussion with Product Manager
" * " - Available as an option for our product.
" ** " - Available only for Romania.

Standard Support

Standard Support is available during regular business hours for a single geographic region as defined by the support region (Americas, EMEA or Asia Pacific).

Service requests can be accessed through or by email at

With the purchase of Standard Support customers receives the following elements of service:

• Ability to download the latest releases, patches, corrections, enhancements and upgrades for Nextgen Software product as they are made generally available on

• Access to service request logging regarding operational/technical aspects of your software by email at or by registering on the portal

• Ability to use online Service Request to create, update and review support cases at

• Access to Nextgen Software documentation on

• Access to the latest product information on

Critical Support

Customers who require 24x7 support can purchase Business Critical Support packet. This service provides 24x7 support for high priority issues as well as 24x5 support for all other issues. This means our Critical Support customers receive full 24x5 support Monday through Friday and for high priority issues support during weekends and public holidays.

Premier Support

Our highest service level offering is designed for customers with complex environments requiring a closer service relationship and a more proactive approach to support service delivery. This offering is particularly suited for customers whose business based on Nextgen Software product and solution.

One of the key features under Premier is the provision of a Support Account Manager (SAM). The SAM will act as a trusted advisor and will operate as an extension of your own support team, focusing on your individual business requirements.

This is a highly personalized and proactive support service for Nextgen Software solution. Premier Support pricings are set together with an account manager from Nextgen Software.

Service level features under Premier Support include:

• All the features included with either Standard or Critical which the Premier Support service overlays;

• A dedicated Support Account Manager;

• Access to our most experienced Nextgen Software Support Engineers;

• Faster response times;

• Site visits (available only in Romania) and regular activity review calls.

Support contacts and registration

Nextgen Software SRL:

• via: and e-mail at for service request logging and service request management;

• Work hours: Monday through Friday between 9:00 and 18:00, GMT+2.

Registration on Nextgen Software portal

When submitting a service request on Nextgen Software portal, we assign unique service request numbers (in the format “[##CaseID##]”) to all customer requests for assistance. These service request numbers allow Support to prioritize and track all service requests through resolution, and allow the customer to get a status update of their case via .

Service request management process

Nextgen Software portal assigns unique service request numbers (in the format “[##CaseID##]”) to all customer requests for assistance. These service request numbers allow Support to prioritize and track all service requests through resolution, and allow the customer to get a status update of their case via

All service requests are assigned priorities and are placed in a queue to be processed by the next available Support Engineer. Support Engineers take ownership of your service request and see it through to successful resolution.

The Support Engineer will contact the customer, gather any additional information needed, and will investigate to determine the proper course of action. This may require the engineer to re-create the issue, work with our development team, and work with the customer on their configuration of the software.

Case logging

Prior to logging a service request you may want to review these helpful tips:

• Check the online help;

• Check the Product Documentation on

• Try to see if the problem is reproducible;

• Check to see if the problem is isolated to one machine or more; • Note any recent changes to your system and environment.

Contact Nextgen Software to open a service request

Submitting a service request can be done by accessing Requests for technical assistance can also be sent via e-mail to

Service Request priorities and response times

All service requests register at or by e-mail are assigned priorities based on the impact on your business. The customer determines the initial priority when placing a request for assistance. Priorities may be changed after initial contact and assessment of the issue from our support engineer. The following table defines the priorities and the targeted initial response time for Standard and Premier Support.

Priority Description Initial response Standard Initial response Premier Initial response Critical
High Critical business impact: Customer’s production use of our product on primary business service, major application or mission critical system is stopped or so severely impacted that the customer cannot reasonably continue work. For high priority problems, we will begin work on the problem within one hour of notification and handle as its highest priority until the customer is given a fix or workaround. Customer resources must be made available in high priority situations and reasonably cooperate to resolve the issue. High priority problems could have the following characteristics: system hangs or crash situations •Data loss or data corruption •Critical functionality not available / High priority issues must be reported via telephone Within 6 hours Within 3 hours Within 3 hours

Note: High priority service requests must be logged through e-mail at or on the portal

Priority Description Initial response Standard Initial response Premier Initial response Critical
Medium Significant business impact: Important product features are unavailable with no acceptable work-around. Customer’s implementation or production use of our product in a primary business service, major applications or mission critical systems are functioning with limited capabilities or are unstable with periodic interruptions. The software may be operating but is severely restricted. Medium problems could have the following characteristics: •Product error or failure forcing a restart or recovery •Severely degraded performance •Functionality unavailable but the system is able to operate in a restricted mode Within 12-24 hours Within 12 hours Within 12 hours
Priority Description Initial response Standard Initial response Premier Initial response Critical
Low Minimal business impact: Product features unavailable but a workaround exists and the majority of software functions are still useable. Minor function/feature failure that the customer can easily prevent or avoid. Customer’s work has minor loss of operational functionality. Also, minor problem or question that does not affect the software function such as how to’s documentation, general questions or enhancement requests. There is no impact to product usage or customer’s operations. Low priority problems could have the following characteristics: •Error message with workaround •Minimal performance degradation •Incorrect product behavior with minor impact •Questions on product functionality or configuration during implementation •General requests for advice on product usage •Clarification on product documentation or release notes •Product enhancement request Within 48 hours Within 24 hours Within 24 hours

Closing a service request

Requests for support (Service Requests) remain open until the customer is satisfied that the request can be closed. Exceptions to this policy apply to requests for product enhancements.

Re-opening service request

Customers can re-open service requests that have been closed within 30 days of the close date. Customers have the ability to re-open their closed service requests from the “My Requests” section of portal or by sending an e-mail at specifying the support technician that managed the case.

Product enhancements

Customers interested in submitting product enhancement requests can do so either via or by creating a service request at For enhancements submitted by creating a case at, once documented, the identification number will be provided to the submitter, and the support case will be closed.

Product Management will review the open enhancement requests on a periodic basis and consider them for inclusion in a future product release. Product enhancements will not be considered or implemented in current or prior product releases. There is no guarantee that a specific enhancement request will be implemented in a future version of Nextgen Software product.

Product licensing

Nextgen Software product has license keys generated for their use. Some product requires a new license key when upgrading our software to a new release and/or patch. We also recommend that prior to any migration or upgrade of our product new licenses are confirmed as functioning properly as some license keys are machine and machine-name specific.