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Product Support Lifecycle

Nextgen Software “Product Support Lifecycle”

The “Product Support Lifecycle” describes the phases during which Nextgen Software product are eligible for patches (fixes), support and downloads from our support portal.

It is Nextgen Software policy to provide support and fixes in last versions of the software to supported customers; fixes to older versions are at Nextgen Software discretion.

We will attempt to answer questions on older versions of Nextgen Software product provided resources are available; however, we encourage customers using discontinued versions to upgrade to the currently supported version of the software.

Nextgen Software’s usual support policy is to provide support on both the current (n) and prior (n-1) versions of our product.

Product Version Numbering

Each Product release is identified with a numerical version comprising three sets of digits separated by decimals. The digit(s) to the left of the first decimal represent the major version, the digit(s) to the right of the first decimal represent the minor version, and the digit(s) to the right of the second decimal represent the maintenance version. Any version number that specifies the second digit(s) is referred to as a minor version, even if it is the first release of a new major version. For example, 2.0, 2.11, and 2.15 are all minor versions of the 2.x major version.

Any given Product version is considered a Supported Version (“Supported”) for a finite period following its release. Note that any prior version of any of these Products not listed here is End of Support.

Once a Product version is no longer Supported, it is considered End of Support. End of Support Product versions are not eligible for Support Services, and any software, associated product documentation will no longer be available to Customers.

“Product Support Lifecycle” Phases

Version Release Date Support phase* End of Support
2.0.5 Nov 2017 Discontinued Oct 2020
2.11 Apr 2018 Discontinued Mar 2021
2.15 Sep 2019 Limited support Aug 2022
2.20 Jul 2021 Full support Jun 2024
2.30 Feb 2023 Full support Jan 2026

Full support

• Product is fully supported, generally available release/version;

• Includes the most current released version of a product and could be one prior releases;

• Enhancement requests for this release are accepted and may be considered for future releases;

• Maintenance releases and/or hotfixes are periodically made available for this release;

• Release/version is fully supported by both Support and Development;

• Release/version is available for download from

Limited support

• Support is available for this release/version, and we will use best efforts to provide known workarounds or fixes;

• No new code fixes will be generated except under extreme circumstances and at our discretion;

• Enhancement requests are not accepted;

• Customers are encouraged to plan an upgrade to a release/version on full support;


• Includes release/versions which are not supported/discontinued;

• No new patches or fixes will be created for this release;

• Support will be provided as upgrading documentation to a supported version;

• Support is not obligated to provide assistance on this version of the product.