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How to configure Office365 to send logs to CQ Server

This guide describes the procedure for audit activation on Office365 application.

To collect logs from the Office 365 application, we need to follow the following steps:

Step 1 - Registering the CQ Application in Office 365

A.Authentication in the Office 365 admin center

B.Select Home > Setup > Identity page

Alt text

C.Select Applications > App registrations

Alt text

D.Click on the New registration button

Alt text

E.Complete the application Name, select Supported account types and press the Register button

Alt text

The page with what you registered earlier opens:

Alt text

You need to copy the fields below:

a)Application (client) ID

b)Directory (tenant) ID

Step 2 - API Permissions

A.Select API Permissions > + Add a permission

Alt text

B.Select Office 365 Management API and configure permissions as follows:

1.Select Application permissions, and then select ActivityFeed.Read.

Alt text

2.Select Add permissions.

C.Select Grant Admin Consent for (your organization). Prerequisites: Grant tenant-wide admin consent to an application

The API permissions now reflect delegated ActivityFeed.Read with a status of Granted for (your organization).


Step 3 - Creating the Secret Key

A.Select Home > App Registrations page and choose the application name created in Step 1

B.Select Manage > Certificates & secrets > Client secrets page

C.Click on the New client secret button

Alt text

D.Complete the Description, select the Expire period and click on the Add button

Alt text

Copy the secret key from the Value field:

Alt text