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How to delete events older than 6 months

Establishing retention period time for events in CYBERQUEST.

All the data is stored in two databases, the archive (offline) database and the online database. So, for deleting all the data/events older then GDPR requirements from CYBERQUEST the following two steps must be done:

A. Delete from archive (offline) database


To access Web Interface, open a web browser and type the application's address or DNS name. The default address initially assigned to Web Interface is https://CyberquestIPAddress (example).

The browser automatically redirects you to CYBERQUEST's authentication page:

Alt text

Navigate to “Settings > Jobs” and select the “Jobs” option.

Alt text

Create a new Job

Create a new job from the “Action” menu in the top left corner and press Alt text button.

Complete the form

Complete the form with the appropriate information:

Alt text

Name: The name of the delete job;

Description: Insert a description for the delete job;

Server: Select the desired server from a drop-down list;

Job Type: Select from the drop-down list the “Delete job” job type;

Data Storage: Select the storage path from where the data will be delete;

Period Spec. Type drop-down allows you to choose between Start & End Date or Last 'x' units:

  • Start Date and End Date allow you to define the time interval for the job execution will action.

  • Last 'x' units allows you to choose a number of units, where a unit can be a second, minute, hour, day, month or year.

Is Active: Switch ON the job to change state to “Active”;

Save the Job

Save the newly created job by clicking on “Save” button.

Execute the job

Execute the newly created job by clicking on the “start” button.

Job Executions

To verify if the job was executed, press Add Jobs button, from Jobs page and will redirect you in Jobs Executions.

B. Delete from online database


Authenticate in the CYBERQUEST web interface as an user with administrative rights.

Alt text

Navigate to “Settings > Application Settings” and select “RetentionPeriod” .


Edit Retention Period

To change the “RetentionPeriodEL” settings, click on Alt text button and change the value in accordance to the GDPR requirements or the period stated in the internal set of rules. Choose the desired period of time and press the "Save" button.

Alt text