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How to disable two-factor authentication (2FA) to an user account

To disable two-factor authentication you have two options:

  • Disable your 2FA as User

  • Disable 2FA as Administrator

1.Disable your 2FA as User

Login using 2FA

A.Login in CYBERQUEST web application using your user and password.

B.Insert the code from Google Authenticator and press "Validate" button.

Alt text

Disable 2FA authentication

From Settings menu, select Disable two factor authentication. After you disable two-factor authentication, you will be logout from CYBERQUEST application.

Alt text

2.Disable 2FA as Administrator


Use an Admnistrator account to access CYBERQUEST web application, open a web browser and type the application's address or DNS name. The default address initially assigned to Web Interface is: https://CyberquestIPAddress (example).

Alt text

From Settings menu, select Users and groups > Users. The Users page will open.

Disable 2FA authentication

On Users page, select the user whose 2FA you want to disable and press Alt text button to disable 2FA.