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How to export data from dashgroup

When you export data from dashgroups you can download a graphical report based on aggregated events or alerts.

The data can be exported as follows:


To access Web Interface, open a web browser and type the application's address or DNS name. The default address initially assigned to Web Interface is https://CyberquestIPAddress (example).

The browser automatically redirects you to CYBERQUEST's authentication page:

Alt text

  • Navigate to “Dashboards” page and press Alt text button, to expand the Search and Filter section and select the time interval:

  • Choose the dashgroup that you want to export (for example Events, Network, Alerts etc.) or create your own dashgroup.

  • Also you could export a dashgroup with filter using search and additional filters ( for specific EventID, UserName, Computer etc.)

After that, you have to press Export button:

Alt text

Export the Dashgroups

Start the export by pressing the "Start export" button or you can close the export by pressing the "Close" button.

Alt text

After export is completed, press "Download file" button to save on local machine the desired information. The format of report is in PDF file.

Alt text

The examples of downloaded a graphical dashgroups report:

Alt text