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How to manage CYBERQUEST data

In CYBERQUEST the data is stored in two databases:

  • Online DataStorage (the data is kept short-term)
  • Data storage (the data is stored for a long time)

The adjustment of the data retention period can be done from the following page of the web application: Settings > Application settings > Retention Period.

Alt text

RetentionPeriodAN: Retention time for data in data analyzer - deprecated;

RetentionPeriodArchive: Is the retention period in days for the archive database;

RetentionPeriodEL: Is the retention period in days for the online database (Online DataStorage);

RetentionPeriodSelfAdjust: You can choose between 1 (ON) and 0 (OFF). If you choose value 1, the period of data retention in the online database (Online DataStorage) will be automatically adjusted according to the allocated storage space. If you choose the value 0, the period in the RetentionPeriodEL field will not change, and CYBERQUEST will collect data until disk is full. When disk is full, the system will no longer collect new data.

To adjust the retention period of Online DataStorage, you can access the following link.

To delete data from the archive (offline database) you can access the following link for more explanations.