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How to manage Credentials

Creating the credentials set the agent is using for collecting data.

Windows agent needs an account with administrative rights to collect data.

You must be logged in to the CYBERQUEST web interface with a user with administrative rights.

Navigate to "Settings > Management > Credential Manager" page:

Alt text

On this page you can create / edit / delete access credentials for collection agents.

You can also search for credentials on this page using the "Search" function on the right side of the page.

Add new credential

To create credentials press the "Add new credential" button and complete the form.

Name: This is the name given to the credentials. More than one set of credentials can be created.

Username/Email: Username;

Password: Password;

Confirmation Password: Confirmation password;

Domain: The domain name - if there is a case of using a domain user.

Notes: We can add details about credentials.

Alt text

Click the "Save" button to confirm the creation of your credentials or you can cancel by pressing the "Cancel" button.

Actions menu

To edit the credentials, press "Edit" buttonAlt text. This process is almost identical to adding credentials.

You can also delete the credentials by pressing "Delete" button.