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How to manually deploy agent and assign data sources

To install the CYBERQUEST agent on the Windows target machine, the following prerequisits must be met:

  1. Install vcredist_x64_2010.exe
  2. Install vcredist_x64_2012.exe
  3. Install vc_redist_x64_2019.exe
  4. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8


To access Web Interface, open a web browser and type the application's address or DNS name. The default address initially assigned to Web Interface is https://CyberquestIPAddress (example).

The browser automatically redirects you to CYBERQUEST's authentication page:

Alt text

How to manage Credentials

Creating the credentials set the agent is using for collecting data.

Please follow the link for more details.

Installing the CYBERQUEST agent

To manually deploy the agent, download or copy the agent kit on the target machine.

Navigate to "Settings > Management > Agent Manager.

Alt text

"Download windows agent" to download the latest version of the CYBERQUEST agent. The agent must be installed on a Windows machine.

Execute the .msi file and press the "Run anyway" button to install the agent. The agent is installed in: "C: \ Program Files \ CyberQuestAgent".

Alt text

Go to "C:\Program Files\CyberQuestAgent\configurator" and run cyberquest-agent-configurator.exe as an Administrator. Add the IP address of the CYBERQUEST server in the field "Message Queue server" and press the "Save Settings" button.

Alt text

Go to Windows services and restart the CYBERQUEST agent service.

Registering the agent

Registering the agent in the CYBERQUEST server:

Navigate to "Settings > Management > Agent Manager".

Press Alt text button to register the agent.

Alt text

Complete the following fields: "Agent name", "Agent note", assign credentials for the agent and press "Save" button.

Alt text

Alt text

After deployment you have to press the Alt text button, to set the agent as manually deployed.

Adding a new data sources

The Windows agent is used to connect and collect Windows based data-sources like :