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Back-up CQ

Back-up CQ

MySQL database dump

Most of application configurations for CYEBRQUEST is stored in the internal MySQL database.

The database is backed up using a MySQL dump script:

DATE=date +%Y-%m-%d

mkdir -p /data/mysqlbackups/

mysqldump -u [dbuser] -p[dbpass] --all-databases | gzip > /data/mysqlbackups/$DATE.sql.gz

Replace [dbuser] and [dbpass] with MySQL username and password respectively.

This script is executed daily on a cronjob basis.

To check if the script is added to crontab scheduler use the following command:

crontab -l

The following line needs to be present:

Alt Image

If it is not, then it can be added using the following command:

crontab -e

a. Paste the line on last row:

30 2 *** /var/opt/cyberquest/dataacquisition/bin/

b. Save and exit

c. Finally, check /data/mysqlbackups/ folder for backed up database presence

Event data backup

By default, every message collected by CYBERQUEST is automatically sent to data storages, as configured in Settings > Data Storages page:

Default: /data/storage/default

Alt Image

Stored events are normalized in JSON format, compressed, encrypted and digitally signed.

They can be later imported to a backup storage. In order to achieve that, follow these steps:

a. Create a new data storage as described in chapter Managing Repositories | Configuring data storages

b. Create an import job as described in chapter Managing Jobs | Creating a new job

c. Select the newly created data storage as target

Integration with third-party backup solutions

In either deployment configuration (physical appliance, virtual appliance, installable software), CYBERQUEST allows external connections to be set for data extraction and backup.

The appliance is built on Linux Debian operating system, and each platform layer can be backed up following vendor practices for:

For virtual appliances, you can use industry best practices defined for VMware or Windows Hyper-V.

Note: Although there are no registered cases with third-party agents interfering with CYBERQUEST's processes, it is recommended to use an agentless tool for backing up virtual appliances. Many tools on the market, like VEEAM or Quest Rapid Recovery, use an agent installed on hypervisor to handle virtual machines, therefore installing nothing on the virtual machine itself. However, if you need to deploy a backup agent within the virtual appliance, please address Nextgen Software support team for any issues with platform's native processes.

Default backup locations for 3rd party backup solutions are:

a. Configuration database settings Default: /data/mysqlbackups/folder

b. Event data backup Default: /data/storage/default/ folder

c. The current CYBERQUEST/CYBERQUEST installation files: Default: /var/opt/Cyberquest/ folder